Sunday, January 20, 2008

Youtube vs. Youperview

In the online world people have fallen in love with YOUTUBE. This site which has transformed the political, social, religious, and even economic world is now the number one video site in the entire world and trails only Google and Yahoo for viewership ratings each day. One out of every five persons will watch at least one YOUTUBE video each day in the entire world!

However despite what many people think YOUTUBE does not make any money yet! Sure they might make a little but right now according to many sources YOUTUBE is still trying to find ways to make money. People must remember that every video has a cost meaning GOOGLE (Bought YOUTUBE for over 1 Billion dollars) must buy tons and tons of computer servers which are not so cheap in order to make sure each video that is on YOUTUBE functions correctly.

However, what YOUTUBE cannot do others will try to do better. A new video website many are not aware of is called YOUPERVIEW. This website which is still very new has become a lot more popular as of late and requires that people pay to watch videos online. Each video uploaded has a set price given by the actual up loader itself. This means if BOB were to make a video about cooking pasta he could set the price he feels is best for his video and therefore he can ultimately profit from his actual video! Now obviously the main website will receive a very small share of Bob’s profits but that is not much considering how much BOB can make off 50, 000 people watching his video and each person paying 22 cents to watch it. This means BOB would have an extra ten-thousand dollars off his own 20 cent video! How many people are willing to pay for something that can help you or be entertaining at only a cost of 22 cents?

Before you get too excited or become very mad please keep in mind that YOUPERVIEW is a website for quality videos that people would be willing to pay for if it is at an extremely reasonable price. YOUTUBE will always be around offering free videos to everyone but YOUPERVIEW can be a rewarding website for people who have very exclusive video content that people cannot find on YOUTUBE. One example of this has already begun. The Hillary video called “The Shocking Video Hillary Does Not Want You to See” was first released on YOUPERVIEW at a price of over four dollars per click! As of right now there have been over 82,000 clicks on this video. This means that whoever put this high quality video together has made at least no less than 300,000 dollars! Also in case you did not know this YOUPERVIEW website is totally unbiased and is accepting of all videos except explicit related videos and even has a 5%residual income policy to all the people you bring into signing up for a YOUPERVIEW account.

Now I know there are still people with doubts as to whether or not people will actually pay for video content when they can find almost everything on YOUTUBE already but you must keep in mind that this YOUPERVIEW website will actually have a great effect on YOUTUBE whether people like or not. Remember that YouTube has been around for less than 3 years and look how far it has come! To doubt the internet’s capability would seem pretty foolish these days and the sign of things to come has just begun. I predict Google will buy YOUPERVIEW INC in due time but even if this does not happen YouTube will still always be better for most people but don’t ever count out the fact that there are always people willing to pay for things and why should videos on YOUPERVIEW not be a part of this.


Porsche911Turbo said...

This is a great new site. What's cool is that anyone can become a "Spielberg" theoretically. There are a lot of people who would love to make money from their videos!

Helmut said...

Youperview appears to have died an awful death...